Analysis on the development direction of special grinding machines for deep groove ball bearings

- Aug 19, 2019-

1 Development history of special grinding machines for bearings in China

After several decades of development, China's bearing industry has continuously narrowed the gap with international brands. One of the most important aspects is the continuous improvement and innovation of special equipment for bearing production in China, the degree of automation of equipment, manufacturing precision, stability, reliability, etc. In terms of progress in the 1970s, the country gradually developed automatic bearing special machines, among which the most well-known industries include Wuxi Machine Tool Plant, Luoyang Precision Machine Tool Plant, Xinxiang Machine Tool Plant, and Shijiazhuang Machine Tool Plant. Some of the grinding machines produced in the last century, such as the centerless grinding machine MZ11100 and 3MZ131 equipment produced by Wuxi Machine Tool Plant in the 1970s, there are still many equipments manufactured at that time in service production, which is enough to show that China introduced advanced production under the guidance of national policies. Technology has laid a good foundation for our industrial process.

Before the 90s of the last century, the special grinding machine for bearing production in China was mainly based on hydraulic pressure and relay. The feed was generally driven by gear or lever. There were high failure rate, inaccurate feed accuracy, transmission instability, etc. Phenomenon; Since the early 1990s, domestic equipment manufacturers have gradually adopted advanced digital control systems in combination with advanced technology from some international equipment manufacturers. High-power, high-speed electric spindles have also been successfully developed. High-speed spindles have exceeded 200,000 rpm per minute. It has greatly improved the status quo of China's existing bearing special planes. Since the 21st century, many domestic bearing equipment manufacturers have continuously innovated and improved. The bearing special planes have made great progress in terms of automation and precision. In addition, special grinding machines for automotive bearings, High-precision roller grinders have made breakthroughs and greatly improved the comprehensive competitiveness of China's bearing industry. Up to now, the development of the current general-purpose bearing grinding machine in China has encountered bottlenecks, and it is facing difficulties in improving the accuracy, efficiency and intelligence.

2 Analysis of the existing technology of bearing grinding machines in China

At present, China's bearing special equipment generally has many problems such as low price, short life, insufficient precision reserve and insufficient processing precision. Combined with China's modernization construction and industrial automation construction process, the root cause is the leading problem of market demand relationship. Bearing production is the largest country, with the largest number of bearings per year in the world, with an annual production of 200 billion yuan, but the proportion of high-end manufacturing is extremely low. In the case of domestic enterprises facing cost factors, the cost of investing in production equipment is an important measure. In 2015, the State Council put forward the "Made in China 2025", the overall deployment and planning of the strategic thinking and work route of China's manufacturing power. In recent years, China's bearing and bearing equipment manufacturing is also under the guidance of the general program, and constantly increase research and development, and actively innovate. Upgrade, in recent years, bearing equipment automation, precision, processing efficiency and other aspects have achieved good results. Among them, a number of bearing professional equipment manufacturers and equipments such as Risheng Equipment and Rifa Seiki have been exported to the international market, which also shows that China's bearing special planes have had a good development.

3 Future development direction of bearing special plane

3.1 bearing equipment internal quality

The development of bearing equipment in China has encountered bottlenecks in technological breakthroughs. In recent years, bearing equipment exhibitions have found that equipment manufacturing enterprises have made new breakthroughs. Many manufacturers have made equipment design more novel and improved the automation of connection production. There is no breakthrough in the internal quality, and the analysis has the following reasons:

(1) China's legal constraints on patents are insufficient. China's 40 years of reform and opening up has a strong imitation ability. Bearing manufacturing is difficult to be invisible, non-removable and unrecoverable. The main reason is in equipment. In the design process, the convenience of equipment use and post-maintenance should be considered, so it is difficult to make strict prevention in terms of technical confidentiality, and also consider the cost of after-sales service of equipment. To solve these problems, equipment manufacturers must consider these The problem, so the progress is very slow. (2) China's bearing market is dominated by low-end and low-end products. Under the guidance of low-profit, the investment of fixed assets requires a detailed calculation of the investment amount, which limits the basic price of equipment. This is a topic that China needs to pay attention to and solve for a long time. In the field of bearings, some excellent domestic bearing manufacturers continue to overcome the high-end bearing field, but from research and development to quality assurance to market identification is a long and difficult process. Few bearing manufacturers draw heavily into equipment, because this is a groping exploration process, and risk prevention is an important part of business operations. (3) Improving equipment performance is a system problem. The use of high-end equipment for maintenance and maintenance is very extensive. For example, whether the processing part blank can meet the processing requirements, the selection of the grinding wheel, the comprehensive management capability of the equipment, etc. Whether bearing manufacturers can support the investment and use of high-end equipment.