Application of ZBF Deep groove ball bearings in construction machinery industry

- Sep 19, 2020-

Many large-scale construction machinery, such as asphalt mixing equipment, stabilized soil mixing equipment, and combined crushers, are of very large scale. The mass of each part is tens to hundreds of tons, and most of the construction machinery is in the sand, gravel, rainwater and When working in harsh environments such as wind and snow, its technical status will inevitably decline faster than other machinery. The coordination of parts will show different degrees of looseness, wear, corrosion and scaling. The nature of the mating of the connectors and the mutual positional relationship between the parts Coordination with the organization's work will be affected to varying degrees, causing its performance indicators such as power, economy, and reliability to decline, and even cause machine accidents.

Therefore, attention must be paid to the selection and technical maintenance of parts and components in construction machinery, especially bearings. A high-quality bearing can increase the working life of construction machinery and improve work efficiency, thereby improving economic benefits.

ZBF bearings ,the high- performance and low-noise deep groove ball bearing,the best choice for the construction machinery bearing  industry.