Bearing Replacement Has New Tricks

- Aug 02, 2019-

Leakage of mechanical seals is one of the most common faults in pump operation. The cost of disassembly and assembly of bearings determines the efficiency of repair and replacement of the entire pump. The traditional disassembly method is to oscillate and strike with the hammer while rotating the bearing rotor, which not only causes damage to the rotor, but also increases the consumption of spare parts, and the labor intensity of the personnel is large, time-consuming and laborious.

In order to solve the above problems, the maintenance personnel of the unit finally developed a new method of bearing disassembly after the practice. This method firstly manufactures a special bearing gantry, and makes a card slot on the side of the gantry to fix the rotor. When the disassembly is performed, the bearing on the other side of the motor can be fixed by the jack, and the bearing can be easily disassembled; the gantry frame slot end is placed during installation. On the outside of the bearing, the entire motor is fixed, and the jack is used to advance the bearing to the set position to complete the installation.

After the method is tested, the whole disassembly and installation process is safe and reliable, and the replacement time is only 30 minutes, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and spare parts consumption cost, and has strong promotion and use value.c