Cause Analysis on Cracking of Self - Lubricating Spherical Plain Bearings

- Jul 26, 2019-


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  The fatigue property test is carried out for rod end body of self - lubricating spherical plain bearings for rod end,the microcracks are found on bearing end faces after 132. 9 × 104 cycles of loading. The reason of cracking on bearing end faces is analyzed by means of chemical composition analysis,macroscopic test,microstructure analysis, energy spectrum analysis,metallographic examination and so on. The results show that the initiation of cracks on bearing end face is mainly due to adhesive wear between end faces and tooling plane,resulting in metal plastic flow on bearing end faces. The cracking is caused by plastic deformation on surface of metal when the bearing end faces are subjected by a larger shear force. Some of microcracks propagate inwards,and some lead to spalling of plastic deformation layer,eventually the pits are formed at bearing end faces.