How do you judge the slight failure of bearing?

- Nov 13, 2020-


 The  first material fatigue point of a bearing is related to the number of revolutions, load size, lubrication and cleanliness of the bearing during the working life of a bearing. 

Normally,fatigue is the result of the periodic appearance of shear stress under the loaded surface. After a period of time, tiny cracks will be initiated and then gradually extend to the surface. When the rolling element passes through the small area formed by these cracks, some cracks begin to fall off, forming the so-called peeling phenomenon. As the peeling continues to expand, the bearing is damaged and cannot be used. It initially occurs under the surface. Although the initial peeling is usually very slight, as the stress increases and cracks increase, the peeling area spreads. This process usually lasts for a long time, with obvious vibration and noise. Therefore, there should be enough time to replace it before it is broken.