Reasons And Treatment Methods For The Burning Of The Main Bearing Ball Of The Ball Mill

- Aug 06, 2019-

Today,we learn reasons and treatment methods for the burning of the main bearing ball of the ball mill with ZBF.

There are many factors that cause the cement mechanical ball mill to burn the tile. It is also complicated, and there are some inevitable factors and some accidental factors. If the deflection of the bobbin body is too large, permanent bending and thermal deformation, the design of the tile surface gap is unreasonable, the tile surface is improperly scraped, the spherical surface is not flexible, the lubricating oil is improperly used, the oil is lacking, the oil ring is worn, the scraper is dropped or the oil is Unclean quality (oily dirty), insufficient cooling water, high feed temperature will cause the spindle tile temperature to be too high and burned.

Specifically, there are the following aspects:

1. The bending deformation of the cylinder and the skew of the hollow shaft cause the bearing bush to burn;

2. The failure of the lubrication system causes the bearing bush to burn out;

3. The lack of oil and poor oil quality lead to the burning of the bearing bush;

4. The spherical tile is not flexible and causes the bearing bush to burn out.

The treatment methods are:

1. The spherical surface of the newly installed ball mill main shaft must be ground, but it is not necessary to make a flower.

2. Improve the relay protection circuit of the ball mill oil tile lubrication system to effectively prevent the occurrence of burnt tile accidents.

3. When the ball mill is installed, the clearance of the thermal expansion of the inner end of the hollow shaft should be carried out according to the installation requirements of the drawings, and fully consider the influence of the temperature of the ball mill load and the temperature of the milled material.

4. Appropriately increase the scraper body groove of the scraper to improve the stability of the scraper; and properly narrow the gap of the scraper body of the upper guide to ensure its limit.

5. Quickly repair the ball mill bearing bush by the repair welding method.