Research on high precision bearing ball grinding method

- Jun 21, 2019-

     The modern manufacturing technology has a wide range of connotations, mainly precision and ultra-precision machining technology, highly automated technology and special processing technology. Among them, precision and ultra-precision machining technology is the frontier of modern technology, which provides technical support and guarantee for the development of cutting-edge technology in China. For example, precision gyros, laser fusion mirrors, satellite instrument bearings, computer disks, copier drums, and multi-faceted prisms for laser printers require ultra-precision machining. At the same time, the development of ultra-precision machining technology has also promoted the development of mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, semiconductor, sensor and measurement technologies and materials science. It can be said that ultra-precision processing is responsible for supporting the latest scientific progress and is one of the important indicators for measuring the level of science and technology in a country. The bearing ball is an important part of the rolling bearing (ball bearing), and its manufacturing accuracy has a very important influence on the performance of the bearing, especially the dynamic performance (vibration, noise, etc.). Bearing balls play an important role in precision equipment and precision machining. The precision indexes of high-precision bearing balls are dimensional accuracy, roundness and roughness. The most difficult of these is to ensure roundness accuracy. At present, it is guaranteed that the ball processing method that achieves this level of precision is generally processed by grinding.