Sealing methods of Deep groove ball bearing ---ZBF

- Jun 19, 2020-

The sealing problems of deep groove ball bearings mainly include grease leakage and poor dustproof effect ,which cause a poor performance . There is less problem with non-contact sealing, but many problems from the contact sealings. 

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How it be caused?

The mere reason is that the sealing structure of bearings is relatively backward. The key to the sealing structure is the sealing groove of the rotating part and the sealing lip of the sealing cover. There are basically three forms of sealing,one is actually without grooves; the second one is a step on the small inner diameter and the outer diameter; the third one is a complete sealing groove.

The sealing lip is divided into a single lip and a double lip. To improve the sealing effect, we believe that the double lip seal and groove seal structure should be developed, because this form is a combination of contact seal and labyrinth seal. The sealing effect is better, but the process is complicated. The cost is slightly higher.

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