Vibration of low noise deep groove ball bearings

- Jun 17, 2019-

   In recent years, China's automobile and motorcycle industry have higher and higher requirements for the vibration value of supporting bearings. The extreme value of the vibration value of the bearing is increased from the original basic group z to the z1 group and the zn group. How to reduce the bearing vibration value and reduce The bearing production cost and the improvement of bearing qualification rate have become the concerns of bearing manufacturers in China.

  The process route of low noise bearing picking in our factory is grinding end face, grinding face, grinding outer diameter, grinding outer diameter, (grinding inner diameter) grinding channel and super fine grinding Taodao. The inner and outer ring groove grinding uses the outer diameter as the machining positioning surface, and adopts the electromagnetic centerless clamping, which compensates the four-degree error, which will cause the channel to cause error re-image. In order to solve this problem, we focus on the outer circle of the grinding, the roundness of the outer diameter of the inner circle is controlled within 1.2, and the roundness of the outer diameter of the outer circumference is controlled within 1.5 m, thus ensuring the inner ring channel. Roundness is 1.0p. Within m, the outer ring channel has a roundness of 1.2. In the bearing industry, 60 and 90 are often used in production. The V-frame method measures the roundness error. The method is simple and efficient, but 60. The V-frame and 90V frame are only suitable for measuring the number of three, five and nine ribs, and the magnification factor is twice and three times, which is not easy to control. 120 is recommended. V-shaped frame, the measuring point of the instrument and the horizontal angle are 30.


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