What are the advantages and disadvantages of deep groove ball bearings compared to sliding bearings?

- Jun 20, 2019-

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First, compared with sliding bearings, the advantages of deep groove ball bearings:

1. The radial clearance is relatively small, and the radial angle contact bearing can be pre-tightened with pre-tightening force to eliminate the play, and the running precision is high;

2. Under normal conditions, the efficiency of rolling bearings is comparable to that of hydrodynamic lubricated bearings, but higher than that of hybrid lubricated bearings;

3. For the shaft diameter of the same size, the width of the rolling bearing is smaller than that of the sliding bearing, which makes the axial structure of the machine compact;

4, high degree of standardization, mass production, less lubricant consumption, easy to seal, easy to maintain, no need for useful non-ferrous metals.

Second, compared with sliding bearings, the disadvantages of deep groove ball bearings:

1. Large vibration and noise;

2. The radial dimension is larger than the sliding bearing;

3. Poor ability to withstand impact loads;

4. Bearing life is low under high speed and heavy load.