Why hygienic design of bearings is critical to food safety?

- Jun 11, 2020-

If the hygienic design of equipment parts is not taken into accountm,it may cause the risk of bacteria breeding in the bearing.

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 Some adverse effects on food safety must be considered when making hygienic design ,such as corrosion, lubricant leakage, cleaning and automatic drying. By applying appropriate design principles to solve the problem. Essentially, it is designed with a specific principles

Design concept like the ergonomic design focuses on the physiological needs of users, hygienic design focuses on avoiding food contamination.

The biggest challenges in safe food production is that how to avoid contamination of food due to improper design of processing equipment and how to improve food safety without increasing the operating costs of cleaner production and hygiene. 

In fact, in the entire hygienic design system, people are mainly concerned about the system and main components ,such as belts, but ignore the bearings and bearing units.

However, even if the bearings are not in direct contact with the food area, they are often near the food and have high-pressure water or dry cleaning systems.

As a result, where there exsit the bacterial ,they may spread through the air and contaminate food.

In order to minimize the risk of pollution, the principles of hygienic design must be fully considered when designing bearings. One of the most important principles of hygienic design is the ability to clean effectively. This is actually easy to understand, but it is difficult for bearings and bearing units when puts into practice. 

First, the product should use non-corrosive and non-porous materials ,such as stainless steel or composite material and the shape is easy to clean, and the remaining water can be automatically emptied. The bearing unit should have a filling base to avoid leaving gaps to breed bacteria.

In general, the use of materials such as elastomers, composites and greases should comply with food safety directives and regulations. In all cases, try to avoid the leakage of grease to the food during operation.

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