Selection of bearing type

- Feb 28, 2016-

Selection of bearing type

For a production enterprise, the bearings are an important part of the essential. However, there are thousands of kinds of models also have hundreds of thousands of more, so use the unit should be how to choose bearing types? 

ZBF bearing the company's technicians to the customer about what selection of bearing type.

  Selection of bearing type depending on the using environment, reasonable conditions such as load, speed selection.

  First: usually sealed conditions to use shielded bearings (such as with sealed deep groove ball bearings, with sealed self-aligning ball bearings, etc), this bearing deep groove ball bearings are mostly commonly used in motor shaft, toy cars, Yo-Yo, etc.

  Second: under certain conditions, when axis has some different insects, self-aligning bearing you want to select (including self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, etc), the bearings are double row self-aligning bearings, you can automatically adjust the 0-2.5 of the error to prevent axis swing bearing village harmful. However, the spherical roller bearing is a low speed and high load bearing, therefore notsuitable for the device. Relatively low speed, large load of machinery you can choose this type of bearings (used in paper machine main spindle, mining machinery, etc).

  Third: the equipment used for high speed and high load when using cylindrical rollerbearings, this kind of contact between the rollers and the ring of the bearing surfaceis large, can be used for high load (Note: not suitable for heavy loads, such as paper machine spindle) in high speed devices, such as motors, fans, and so on.

  Part IV: for axial mechanical transmission parts transmission but there are corners(such as propeller shafts), such conditions are axial drive, but the drive shaft is nota straight line, where you need a link to part two drive shafts and flexible transmission point. Under these conditions the best choice is the cross bearing (also known as the universal joints), universal joint looks like a cross, with a dedicated drive shaft can realize flexible rotation, without affecting the transmission angles.

  Part IV: for both axial and radial loads of machinery, in such cases to select "tapered roller bearings". Most of tapered roller bearings can accommodate radial loads, and can also withstand axial loads. Generally used in gear boxes, wheel, etc.

  Five: small place, this situation must be "needle". Needle roller bearings have a great space advantage can be achieved in an extremely small space radial load, and the load carrying capacity of the bearing right. But it is not suitable for high speed devices.

  Sixth: only the axial load radial load of equipment should be selected at this time thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, thrust bearings, etc. They have excellent axial loads, but does not bear the radial load. Well this is just part of the conditions forintroduction to selection of bearings, if you need any other special conditions for theuse of bearings, can directly call Sen qi import company or consulting online customer service.